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This Firm Got $100k Worth Of Print Exposure

The Wall Street Journal

Virtual Reality Simulations Offer Potential for Breakthrough in Preventive Care
Next Galaxy

How Green Is Your Gift List

Finding New Business Ideas
Club E Network/Club Entrepreneur

Getting Beneath The Surface

A Business Broker Can Play Matchmaker
SunBelt Business Advisors

Shipping a Suitcase Overnight
Virtual Bellhop

United Joins Carriers Charging for Baggage
Virtual Bellhop

The New York Times

Finding Opportunity in Baggage Woes

Company Briefs

The Washington Post

Mini Aircraft Touted for Military Work
Cyber Defense Systems

USA Today

Can the fist bump mix with business?
WaterPure International

From hockey star to accident victim to CEO
Hat Trick Beverage

Double the holiday travel tips: Ship your gifts or baggage in advance
Virtual Bellhop

Travel: Get tips for your next trip
Virtual Bellhop

Away on Business: Airport short-cuts
Luggage Express

Ship luggage and you'll whistle through airports
Luggage Express

The Houston Chronicle

Inventors Idea Strikes a Real Cord
Covington Creations/Earbud Yo-Yo

The Globe

How Pacifiers Can Deliver Medicine To Your Baby
American Scientific Resources

Daily Mail

Charlie Sheen reveals to Dr. Oz the new 'experimental' HIV trial
CytoDyn Inc.

International Herald Tribune

Excess Luggage Can Have You Singing The Blues: Have a few too many bags? Maneuver around the rules
Luggage Express

Investor's Business Daily

Firms Tout New Ways To Interface: Talking PCs, Virtual Keyboards
iBIZ Technology Corp.

Small Business: Full Knowledge
Sunbelt Business Advisors

Crunching The Right Numbers
Sunbelt Business Advisors

Unhappy Workers Are Troublemakers
Sunbelt Business Advisors

USA Weekend

Vacationing this fall: What's new
Virtual Bellhop

Christian Science Monitor

The new rags to riches
Sunbelt Business Advisors

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Denver Post
Miami Herald
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St. Louis Post-Dispatch
New Jersey - The Record
Baltimore Sun
Detroit News
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Orlando Sentinel
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San Antonio Express-News
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