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Gerard M. Jennings
Jerry Jennings
Media Strategist

Board of Directors:
Interfaith Meditation Initiative
Washington, DC

The Recovery Team
North Palm Beach, Florida
(2014 - 2015)

Guest Lecturer:
"Business Communications"
Rinker School of Business
Palm Beach Atlantic University,
West Palm Beach, Florida (2006)

Guest Speaker:
"Commerce and the Capital Markets"
Malaysian Securities Commission Conference
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (1997)

Experts in media relations, our sophisticated team will spin your story then pitch it to the press, radio and TV. Every day we work with local, state, and national print, electronic, and broadcast media to arrange interviews publicizing our client companies, their products and services. We pitch reporters, editors, and producers all around the country and have gotten our clients into hundreds of positive stories in newspapers, magazines and trade publications, on TV/radio news and talk shows.

Our team has generated high profile coverage in major business and trade media. The media has come to depend upon our client Company executives as credible industry spokespersons.

This type of exposure/publicity can secure your Company's sales, marketing and financial goals.

Emerson Gerard Associates, Inc was formed in 1992. Our clients are small privately held firms, entrepreneurial ventures, and penny stock companies on the OTCBB and Pink Sheets. They retain us to mount innovative media campaigns that can resuscitate their dead-dying IR/PR programs.

We want to attract the media to your Company, so they become your third-party endorsement. The media then begins to follow you, looking forward to the next compelling release. Each piece of news we put out that gets picked up becomes another exciting event for you because it can generate more product sales, service contracts, funding, stock support, trading and volume.

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Emerson Gerard Associates follows the Public Relation Society of America's Code of Ethics, and is committed to ensuring your privacy.

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