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This Firm Got $100k Worth Of Print Exposure

Best PR Pitch of the Week

Media coverage has been known to:

  • Create a buzz
  • Sway consumer opinion-public opinion
  • Influence the financial community

When we accept the challenge to get major media coverage:

  • Our sophisticated team of crack writers spin your story
  • THEN
  • Our media specialists pitch it to the press, radio and TV

Our innovative campaigns have resuscitated many dead-dying IR/PR programs:

  • Attracting new investors and funding sources
  • Selling more product and services than ever before
  • Appeasing shareholders

An Awesome Responsibility

Jerry Jennings

My sophisticated crack team of writers can spin your story for media attention - breathing life into your organization.

This is an awesome responsibility, yet we continue to create very clever and professional ways to get the media to start following our clients.

We have gotten millions of dollars worth of publicity for others. Let my media experts spin and pitch your news too.


Jerry Jennings